Can Trauma Cause Fibromyalgia?

trauma and fibromyalgia
A lot of those who are suffering from fibromyalgia would trace their symptoms to a certain traumatic event in their life. Understanding the link of this condition to trauma might help to give you some relief.

Traumatic Events Could Lead to Fibromyalgia

The usual thinking is that if you’re a genetically predisposed individual, then a trauma on the head or neck could precipitate the onset of fibromyalgia. Moreover, people whose symptoms of fibromyalgia begins with trauma might be able to re-develop the condition at a later time. Patients who fall in these category often have a family history of chronic pain.

Although most medical experts would link the symptoms of fibromyalgia to injury that affects the neck and head, traumatic triggers of this condition are much more widespread.  Any kind of stressful or traumatic event, such as a major surgical procedure, certain severe body infections, experience in war, and other events, may trigger fibromyalgia and most of these cases are not directly associated with any kind of trauma to the spine.

Traumatic Experiences that Can Lead to Fibromyalgia

The traumatic experiences that are usually correlated with fibromyalgia are the following:

  • Certain types of viruses like Hepatitis C and HIV
  • Childhood separation from parents that lasts more than six months.
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Living through a war.

Linking Trauma to Relief

For some patients, knowing the traumatic triggers of their fibromyalgia can lead to a hope of relief.  For instance, a patient who has had a traumatic experience of almost getting hit by a vehicle would often complain about body pains that seem to be coming from forearms and femurs. The pain would radiate through his bones, yet no doctor could explain rationally how the experience could lead to this pain. After a year however, the patient received a diagnosis.

Intensive Program of Exercises

Some medical experts have developed intensive program of exercises to somehow help deal with fibromyalgia. The exercises  include traction, that’s intended to correct the body’s response. The program also comes with personalized dietary and lifestyle changes, like giving up carbonated soda.

Patients who have undergone the program has reported that they have significant relief from the symptoms an would find that they feel worse on days where they will not follow the program.

Unfortunately, not all whose fibromyalgia have been triggered by trauma could find relief in the same process. Those who have this condition should be cautious when it comes to claims about quick and easy relief from any trauma that can lead to chronic pain. The doctor further advises asking for evidence, like results of clinical studies before and after the X-ray, which could support the patient’s claims.

Doctors further note that although several medical experts are increasingly aware of the correlation between traumatic events and fibromyalgia, there are also others who are not. But if you think a traumatic event may have triggered your pain, then it is worth taking further investigation

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