Fibromyalgia and dental problems. I have these problems,

Did you know that dry mouth associated with fibromyalgia can cause dental problems? Dry mouth can be a side effect of some of the medications we take. Saliva in your mouth helps neutralize sugars and acids that can attack teeth and gums. Without the proper amount of saliva, we are more prone to tooth decay and periodontal disease. I personally had dental problems, and I had cavities, pulled teeth and inserted crowns.

I think it’s so important to brush and dray daily to keep our gums and teeth as healthy as possible. In fact, I keep the silk on my bedside table and floss a few times a day. I still have not done it, and as a result, my gums become unhealthy.

Grinding teeth is another problem frequently encountered by those of us with FM. For this reason, I had a dentist who made me a mouth guard, which seems embarrassing to me not to wear every night. Grinding damages tooth enamel, can break teeth and exacerbate pain in the TMJ.

Of course, going to the dentist presents his own set of problems. My dental hygienist is amazing. She knows I have FM and takes extra precautions when I enter. She places a foam cushion behind my neck and under the small of my back to keep me as comfortable as possible. My dentist is also great when administering Novocain, and the needle site barely disturbs me when the numbness disappears. If my mouth has to be open for 30 minutes or more, he’ll massage my jaw when he’s finished. Both really work to make my experience as comfortable as possible.

Be aware that having your teeth cleaned or working can cause an escape. You can take medication before or immediately after an exam or dental procedure so that you hope to keep a torch at a minimum.

Taking care of our teeth is especially important for those of us suffering from fibromyalgia. To counter the dry mouth, one thing I use is MighTeaFlow Natural Dry Boca Lozenges. They were recommended to me by another FM warrior and they work well.


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