Fibromyalgia, the invisible disease of Lady Gaga

It is also called ‘pain syndrome that is not seen’ fibromyalgia, the disease, almost entirely female, which forced Lady Gaga to cancel ten concerts of his European tour. The pathology is in fact a set of particularly debilitating physical and psychological symptoms that do not appear in laboratory analyzes. It occurs mainly with muscle pain and a sense of fatigue, together with sleep disorders, gastroesophageal reflux, irritable colon and also cognitive and memory problems.
In Italy last November 15 the Social Affairs Committee of the Chamber approved a text that envisages including fibromyalgia in the list of chronic diseases of significant social and health impact and that must be included in the Leah, the essential levels of assistance.
Piercarlo Sarzi Puttini, rheumatologist of the Sacco Hospital of Milan has called it a “pain of the body and the soul”, of which about two million Italians suffer, and 90% are women.
“A syndrome – he explained – difficult to diagnose, because they have numerous and different symptoms: it can not be eradicated surgically and reduces the ability to perform an efficient work activity and to have a fulfilling social life”.
The causes? “There may be genetic predisposition – said the rheumatologist – but environmental, socio-cultural variables contribute: the stress to which every day the woman is subjected justifies the prevalence in the female sex.There may also have been a particular trauma, negative family dynamics, abuse physical or sexual, but the first motive is a disturbance in the perception of pain “.

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