Personality traits of those with fibromyalgia

Personality traits of those with fibromyalgia

* The people most likely to suffer fibromyalgia are those who have a very strict and exaggerated sense of responsibility.
They are those who always take charge of all the tasks, their own and those of others, they get burdened with work because they consider it their duty. * Assume too many commitments in the workplace or family and want to meet them all even being aware that they go beyond their time and energy. * Make strenuous efforts, reach the physical and mental exhaustion to meet the obligations that are imposed.
* Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are usually perfectionists and also consider that nobody can do things well, therefore everything they do.

* They are ashamed to ask for help or favors, partly for pride and also for not disturbing others.

* Often they feel used by those around them and maybe it is not just a feeling because if someone is always willing to do everything else will rest on that person.

* They usually feel that their efforts are not valued, but far from stopping they redouble them.

* Another characteristic of those who suffer from fibromyalgia is low self-esteem, they try to please others, it is hard for them to say no and to set limits.

* Put aside their own needs in order to devote more time and energy to the tasks.

* There may be unfounded feelings of guilt, they may feel guilty for enjoying something without having shared it with others.

* They have a hard time dedicating themselves to recreation, carrying out recreational activities or having leisure time.

* Other prominent features of the personality of those who suffer from fibromyalgia is the rigidity of their thinking and the difficulty in adapting to changes.

* In the vast majority of cases there is resentment or repressed anger that can be towards those people who take advantage of them or towards themselves for not encouraging themselves to reverse the situation.

Fibromyalgia and stress have a very close relationship, it is possible that permanent stress could culminate in fibromyalgia, listening to one’s own body would avoid many of these problems.

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