Using Herbs for Fibromyalgia Treatment

The Natural Approach: Herbs for Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Herbs for FibromyalgiaIf you are like most of those dealing with the complex symptoms of fibromyalgia, you have probably tried numerous prescription medications as well as recommended supplements to ease your symptoms.

For me, I think I’ve tried every known medication on the market: some specifically for fibromyalgia, others traditionally for depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain and everything in between. I have also tried various over-the-counter supplements over the years.

Physicians differ in their opinion and approach, but do all they can to try to reduce the pain, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms their patients chronically deal with.

My experience has been that while many of these medications and supplements provide initial relief, they diminish in their effectiveness over time as my body simply becomes immune to their benefits. This has caused me to change medications frequently or simply quit them altogether.

I suspect many of you have had similar experiences. Given the long-term possible damage certain drugs can do to your body, or even the short term side effects, it can be a gamble regarding prescription medications.

Given the odds, many physicians and their patients seek alternative methods towards relief and reduction of symptoms. Natural herbs are becoming increasingly popular among those dealing with chronic pain and fatigue.

Types of Herbs
Just like medications, herbs are specific in nature — targeting various symptoms. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s break down herbal remedies in five categories:

Sedative Herbs

Fibromyalgia can be seen as a chronic sleep disorder. Relaxing herbal remedies that promote sleep can be used to achieve deep and restful sleep throughout the night.

Not all sedative herbs work the same way for everyone; the constitution of the person and the energetics of the herbs need to be taken into consideration.

Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogens support the body’s resiliency to stress. One way to think about adaptogens is deep nourishment and support for the nervous system.

Some adaptogens, like Withania somnifera, promote sleep at night and energy throughout the daytime, which is crucial for people with this condition.

Anodyne Herbs

Anodyne herbs can help reduce the pain and discomfort fibro causes.

Carminative Herbs

Carminative herbs promote digestion and can be an important part of healing a leaky gut, which is often a factor when dealing with fibromyalgia.

Immunomodulating Herbs

Immunomodulating herbs gently, yet effectively, support a person’s immune system. They are frequently used for people with immune system concerns such as autoimmunity, frequent colds and flu, and seasonal allergies.

Herbs 101

There are a few basics to be remembered when considering herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional medicines when treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

One thing that is vitally important to the true test of success when using natural herbal alternatives is understanding that they work at a slower pace than prescription drugs, so be patient in order to realize the results.

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