Fibromyalgia Causes Skin Problems. Why?

How to deal with the skin problems of fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia brings with it many unpleasant symptoms, the main ones are generalized pain, physical fatigue and cognitive fatigue, also known as mental fog.
But did you know that fibromyalgia could also be the cause of rashes, itching and other skin conditions?
It has been estimated that between 50 and 80 percent of people who have fibromyalgia also have skin problems. This means that, in addition to living with intense pain and debilitating fatigue, many also deal with extreme irritation, itching, and rashes.
You may not think that itching is a cause for great concern.
But if it wakes you up in the middle of the night, and you can not go back to sleep, because your whole body itches with a ferocity difficult to express with words, you can change thought.
Even if your own experience with skin conditions is not that extreme, we all have enough to deal with fibromyalgia; we certainly do not need more added discomfort.
So, the questions we must answer are:
• What makes us more likely to develop rashes, itchy skin and other problems with our skin?
• And what can we do to reduce its effect on our lives?
The role of cells and itching
The reason for our skin problems probably lies beneath our skin. A research group found that people with fibromyalgia have four times the number of mast cells (they are connective tissue cells) in the skin tissues of the average person.
The immune system produces mast cells that go to all tissues of the body. They contain histamine and other chemicals that are released to send signals to the brain. An increase in histamines can cause itching, and skin irritation.
The role of the nervous system and itching
We know that the pain of fibromyalgia is related to our central nervous system. Our nervous system has increased the sensors that lead to a greater amount of pain.
These same hyperactive sensors translate into pain and itching.
In short, our brain thinks it itches when it should not. A slight touch or slight pressure can be misinterpreted as pain or itching.
Other causes for skin problems
What is known as “fibromyalgia rash” is usually red, raised and bumpy. It can be painful or pruritic, and cause tingling sensations in the skin.
Chemical sensitivities, or multiple chemical sensitivity (SQM), may also be responsible for skin itching and rashes.
Food sensitivities can also be responsible for some rashes and skin irritations.
There is also the question of the “scratch cycle”. When our skin stings our initial reaction is to scratch it until we feel relieved. However, the more the skin is scratched, the more the skin itches and, therefore, a vicious circle is created.
And do not ignore the fact that many of the medications for fibromyalgia symptoms can cause itching or rashes as a side effect.
What can be done with skin problems in fibromyalgia?
Finding what else can help may take a little time, depending on what is causing the problem, and what works best for you.
If you have a rash, it is best to consult a doctor or nurse, especially if you suspect it is a side effect of a medication. You may also want to see a dermatologist for any continuous irritation of the skin.
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